Massage Journey invites you to take the first step on the path to creating a relaxed, peaceful body.

The combination of Swedish Therapeutic Massage with the Hot Stones offers the best of both worlds.  First, the therapist will massage your back to find all those stress knots and will work deeply as needed.  Then hot stones will be used on the entire back going deeper where the therapists hands found those difficult spots.  The entire body is done in this fashion. The muscles pull the heat from the hot stones helping to sedate and relax the muscles further.

Take some time for yourself and get a massage.  The greatest benefit of massage is taking time out of our busy schedules to just stop, lay down and relax.  This time helps our body to heal on all levels.

Enhance your journey with a private yoga class.  If you have never done yoga before, but always wanted to try, this is a safe place to learn yoga breathing techniques and simple postures.  These classes are designed just for you!  Taking a private class will build your confidence to go out to group classes.

Yoga is another way to take time out of your busy schedule just for you.  Breath with movement helps to  bring your awareness back to yourself.  Yoga helps heal the body, mind and spirit.

New Clients Special:  Try a half hour complimentary yoga session before your first massage.  You will be pleasantly surprised to feel how relaxed you will feel before you get on the massage table.